Our Story

Hicks Farm Pastures grew out of Hicks Farm. It all started in 1935 with $400.00 and an old truck when our Great Grandfather George Hicks Sr. and his wife Margarette bought the property. They farmed the property raising beef, pork, chickens, and Morgan horses. In 1971 our Grandfather, George Hicks Jr. and his wife Wilna built what we call the “new barn” and turned the property into a full dairy operation while continuing to raise beef and pork.

In 1988, our parents Russell and Mary Hicks bought the farm and continued to successfully operate the dairy. Now our parents are transitioning out of dairy farming and my brother, his family and I are starting Hicks Farm Pastures; a pasture raised beef and pork business. We are continuing in the footsteps of our farming ancestors, believing in an honest days work and keeping the farm alive while providing wholesome, natural, pasture raised meats. Farming the way our family has been doing it for generations! Visit us soon.